We design and implement your financial accounting systems.
Business owners small, medium and large trust us to process and prepare their Financial Statements and Management Accounts,
as we provide timely, accurate and trustworthy information about their financial records and transactions.

Business start-up

If you're considering starting a business, our business formation consultant
can provide the support you need to get started and set-up correctly.

Company Registration & Formation

Taking the step to turn your business idea into a reality is a major one. We can help you register and incorporate your business, draft your company bye-laws and set-up your accounting system.

Design of Financial Accounting Systems

CCA can come up with a system that is simple enough but very beneficial to your business structure.

Peachtree Software Installation & Training

Once we have implemented a software solution for tracking and accounting for your business transactions, we can offer training. This way your staff can efficiently and accurately keep track of all your transactions.

Payroll & Taxation Services:

We also offer Payroll Processing - PAYE, NIS, H/Surcharge - Company & Personal/individual Tax Returns, Business Levy, Green Fund Levy, VAT Compliance & Returns Processing of Annual Returns, Tax, Vat and NIB Clearance. We are here to help, just chat with us.


to have a solid grasp of the basics. We constantly stay abreast with the industry’s general accepted accounting principles and International Financial Reporting Standards ,
as well as any changes in tax laws. Cummings Chartered Accountants are up to speed on the latest in accounting trends and technological advancements as the world changes, we change along with it.

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Accurate and very detail-oriented

Managing your business finance and doing your own accounting can be demanding and does not always result in favorable results. With our team consultative approach and customized solutions, rest assured that all your concerns would be addressed accordingly, and at the same time it would allow you to concentrate on other important areas that are vital for your business growth, development and sustainability. Please review the services we offer below.

Company Registration & Business Formation

We'll work with you step by step.
Trust us, we can help you register and incorporate your business, draft your company bye-laws and set-up your accounting systems.





Data Entry & Processing of Accounting Information

Staying on top of all the data entry requirement as we have good organization skills and systems that can allow you to find information efficiently.

Development of Financial Accounting Systems:

• Peachtree Software Installation &
• Training

Internal Auditing Services:

• Establishment of Internal
Audit Departments
• Training & Development of
Internal Audit staff
• Risk assessments & audit plans |
• Internal Audit reviews |
•Operational & Financial reviews
• Policy Documentation & Adherence
• (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure Documentation & Adherence


Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly, Bi- annual & Annual Management Accounts

We listen, we discuss as well as having the ability to interpret jargons and complicated accounting transactions into ideas that can easily be grasped by our clients, along with timeliness and accuracy are invaluable traits of our team. We are able to interact easily and get our ideas across clearly.CCA can be trusted as we up- hold the highest code of ethics conduct and confidentiality whilst building and maintaining our relationships with all our clients.

Payroll & Taxation Services:

• Payroll Processing
• PAYE, NIS, Health/Surcharge
• Preparation of Company & Personal Tax Returns
• Business Levy • Green Fund Levy
• VAT Compliance & Returns
• Tax, Vat and NIB Compliance and Clearance
• Processing of Annual Return

Preparation of Financial Statements

•Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
•Statement of Operations and Comprehensive Income (Income Statement)
•Statement of Net Assets
• Statement of Cash-Flows
•Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
•Notes to Financial Statements

about us

Cummings Chartered Accountants consist of a team of qualified professionals
that network with other professionals, both locally and abroad in order to get the job done.

why come to us?

Simply because we love what we do!
We can clean up your bookkeeping, do your taxes, strengthen your accounting systems and give you expert advice.
Free you from accounting woes so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Our Process

Our process is accurate and very detail oriented. We work intelligently with a high degree of team work, objectivity, understanding, responsibility, confidentiality  
and trust in order to get the job done in a timely manner, and to retain our clients and attract new clients.














Our Skills

Company Registration and Formation
Payroll & Taxation Services
Financial Accounting Systems
Internal Auditing

Our History

Our Organization commenced its operations since 2012, it may be considered young in years but old with experience as we consist of a diversified team of professionals, some with over 25 years of working experience.They brought to the organization their experience, and skills in financial management, accounting, auditing, net-working and business process development, they are responsible for guiding our daily activities.


Taxpayers are entitled to a Personal Allowance of TT$72,000. per year. This means you do not pay income tax on your first TT$72,000.00 of income, so you pay no income tax at all if you earn less than this amount. You can call us for information on how your taxes are calculated.
You can reduce the amount of taxes you pay by declaring tax-deductible expenses. You can drop us a line to get more information on reducing your taxes.
Businesses must have a BIR file number in order to pay taxes. They must also have a PAYE file number in order to deduct and remit taxes from employees. For information on obtaining BIR and PAYE file numbers you can message us using the contact form below.

Independant, Objective Appraisal and Assessment

Our Internal Audit Reviews are in-depth, detail and complete. Business owners can trust us to provide an independent, objective appraisal and assessment of their processes and the effectiveness of their internal controls. All our audits are conducted in accordance with the Standards for Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and adherence to International Auditing Standards Whilst we up-hold the highest ethical code of conduct and confidentiality as promulgated by the institute of Internal Auditors

Our Assurance Engagements

These are audits where we provide information relative to the Organization’s efficiency and economy, financial and legal compliance, operational controls and risk management.

Consulting Engagements

Consulting services are advisory in nature, and are generally performed at the specific request of our client. The nature and scope of the consulting engagement are subject to agreement with the engaged client.

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